Dror Hilman

Welcome to my site!
I am a highly motivated scientist, that have a great passion to programming and web design. Currently, I am just about to finish my Ph.D thesis in developmental biology, molecular evolution and bioinformatics. 

During the past decade, I gained experience in web-design and programming. I also become an expert in presentation design. I work part-time as a freelancer, and I will be happy to receive work suggestions in any new programming or design project in the web.

Web design and programming;
HTML4/5, javascript, jQuery, jQueryUI, PHP, Perl, python, flash, google app-engine, amazon EC2,
joomla, drupal, wordpress, blogger.
Phylogenetics and orthology. Whole genome analysis, Transcription binding sites finding, Molecular domains and features. Visualizations. Programming with: biopython, bioperl, pycogent, scipy/numpy, matplotlib, matlab, mathematica
Software, professional level:
Adobe photoshop, InkScape, Adobe flash, imageJ, Ms-office and open-office suites.